We are expecting well over 700 people to participate in our World Record Attempt for the World’s Largest Cheese Tasting on Saturday February 16 at 4pm, so here are some details of what you can expect on the day:

  • Each participant must eat each of the three allocated cheeses. All cheeses provided are made from cow milk. For this reason, we need to provide an allergy warning and remind you that cheese contains milk, which is a dairy product. If you know you have a dairy allergy, please stay safe and cheer us on from the sidelines.
  • The cheeses will be pre-cut and provided to you on-site in a sealed box container when you have entered the Tasting Area.
  • We are limited to 1,000 participants for this event, so arrive early to avoid disappointment.
  • Entry for the Cheese Tasting opens at 3:30pm.
  • Each participant will be counted at least three times for this event. This will be done by clicker as you enter, you will also be counted when you’re given a ticket, and you will be counted again when you’re given your boxed cheeses to taste.
  • Participants will be sectioned into groups of 50 people. As you enter you will be allocated to a Numbered Area. To be eligible to be counted for the event you must remain in this Area from the time you enter until the end of the event.
  • You may be standing in your area for up to 40 minutes, so please be prepared and bring water with you and weather appropriate gear such as a hat, sunscreen, or rain jacket.
  • There are stairs leading to the entrance of the event area. We have arrangements in place for an alternative entrance point. Talk to one of our volunteers at the entrance to the Tasting arena and they’ll guide you on the alternate route, which includes ramp access.
  • Photos, video and drone footage will be taken throughout the event. Unfortunately we are unable to give a commitment that your image will not be used for any publicity or promotion associated with this Attempt. Names will only be used with the permission of the person.
  • While this event is free, there is an Entry Fee payable to enter the Kangaroo Valley Show. Visit https://kangaroovalleyshow.org.au/visitors for more details about this fee, and the other activities the fee gives you access to enjoy at the Show.
  • Our sponsors have provided some wonderful cheeses for you to enjoy:
    • Bodalla are supplying “Drover’s Delight”, “Gum Leaf Smoked” and “Old Man Salt Bush”
    • Unicorn are providing a Double Cream Brie, soft and creamy and made in Nowra
    • Bega are offering a vintage, bitey sharp cheddar
  • There are extensive guidelines for attempting a word record. If you’re interested, you can browse the guidelines that need to be complied with for our World’s Largest Cheese Tasting Attempt here.

3:30pm – Participants to start entering event area
4:00pm – Boxed cheeses delivered to participants. Don’t eat them yet!
4:05pm – Introduction of our Cheese Expert
4:10pm – Countdown to cheese tasting! Please follow directions of our
Master of Ceremonies
4:15pm – Wait for an announcement that the World Record Attempt is
over. Once this announcement is made, please leave
the event area and place your cheese box in the bins provided.