We are committed to keeping our community and workshcovid-safeop attendees safe and healthy and to providing a COVID safe environment.

Valley Cheesemakers are now offering smaller class sizes of a maximum six people per Workshop.

To make a booking, contact us with details of the date you would like to attend and the workshop you would like to join and we’ll confirm arrangements for you.

No prior cheesemaking experience is necessary – just a willingness to have fun and enjoy a little hands-on experience to make your own cheeses.

The scheduled dates for our Cheesemaking workshops for the first half of 2021 are:

May:  Friday 21 and Monday 24
June:  Sunday 13 and Monday 14

Dates for the second half of 2021 are coming soon.

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Not ready to schedule a workshop? Check back here to see what is happening with our workshops as the COVID restrictions and guidelines evolve.

Workshop descriptions

Classic Cheesemaking

The Classic Cheesemaking Workshop introduces cheesemaking skills by making delicious everyday cheeses including Feta, Haloumi and Ricotta. There will also be discussions and tastings of Yoghurt, Labneh, Quark, Mascarpone and Sour Cream.

Soft White Cheeses

Soft white cheeses are very popular and this Workshop will demonstrate how to make cheeses including Brie and Camembert, either to enjoy yourself or to give as a gift.

Blue Cheeses

Blue Cheeses come in a range of forms, from a creamy blue to Roquefort-style or Stilton-style. This Workshop will demystify the process of creating some of these very appealing cheeses.

Firm Cheeses

Some cheeses, like cheddar, are often known as “hard” cheeses but that does not mean they are difficult to make, simply that they need time to mature and become firm. This Workshop will look at a variety of cheeses and discuss whether they are, in fact, hard, firm or mature, along with learning about how to preserve cheeses through waxing. We include semi-hard cheeses in this Workshop as the maturing time is shorter so the cheese can be eaten sooner.  The cheeses made in this Workshop are Havarti, Smoked Caerphilly and Red Leicester-style – all of these cheeses can be made in the home kitchen with little effort.

Washed Rind and Mozzarella

Don’t mind a smelly cheese? Want to get a bit more hands on with cheesemaking? This is the Workshop for you! Washed Rind cheeses will require some care and attention at home to get them to the right stage of stinky and gooey – but the effort will be very rewarding. Nothing beats the feeling of stretching cheese, which will become Mozzarella, Burrata or Bocconcini.

Personalised workshops

Looking for a different activity for a small group of friends, family or colleagues? If you’re planning a family reunion, weekend getaway or a team building experience, we can deliver your own personalised Cheesemaking Workshop. Contact us to see how we can plan your Workshop together.

Labneh balls

Workshop details

The most commonly asked question is “can we take our cheeses home?”. The answer is “yes”! The cheeses you make in your group are yours to take home, nurture and enjoy (sharing optional).

Timing: workshops generally run from 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Location: Kangaroo Valley Hall, Osborne Park, Moss Vale Road, Kangaroo Valley, NSW.

Please note that induction cooktops are used in the workshops. If this will cause health issues for you, or if you have a pacemaker, please let us know.

Next steps…

Contact us to let us know your preferred workshop and date and we’ll respond with details to plan your day of cheesemaking.

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