Personalised Workshops

Looking for a different activity for a small group of friends, family, or colleagues? If you’re planning a family reunion, weekend getaway, or a team-building experience, we can deliver your own personalised Cheesemaking Workshop. Contact us to see how we can plan your Workshop together, including venue options. Personalised Workshops are held by appointment only on mutually agreeable dates separate to specified workshop dates.

Workshop Cheeses

Our Workshops are tailored to suit attendees, so you might make a combination of Classic cheeses, soft white cheeses or firm cheeses. We will contact attendees for their preferences in the lead up to the Workshop.

Classic Cheeses

Delicious everyday cheeses such as Feta, Haloumi, and Ricotta. There will also be discussions and tastings of Yoghurt, Labneh, Quark, Mascarpone, and Sour Cream.

Soft White Cheeses

Soft white cheeses are popular and we provide the opportunity for you to make cheeses including Brie and Camembert, either to enjoy yourself or to give as a gift.

Blue Cheeses

Blue Cheeses come in a range of forms, from a creamy blue to Roquefort-style or Stilton-style – let us demystify the process of creating some of these very appealing cheeses.

Firm Cheeses

Some cheeses, like cheddar, are often known as “hard” cheeses but that does not mean they are difficult to make, simply that they need time to mature and become firm. We look at a variety of cheeses and discuss whether they are, in fact, hard, firm, or mature, along with learning about how to mature cheeses through waxing or vacuum-sealing. We include semi-hard cheeses in this category, however the maturing time is shorter so the cheese can be eaten sooner.  We cover cheeses such as Havarti, Caerphilly and Red Leicester-style – all of these cheeses can be made in the home kitchen with little effort.

Labneh balls

Workshop Details

The most commonly asked question is “can we take our cheeses home?”. The answer is “yes”! The cheeses you make in your group are yours to take home, nurture, and enjoy (sharing optional).

Timing: workshops generally run from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Location: Kangaroo Valley, NSW or other location as agreed.

Cost: Costs for Personalised Workshops are determined by a number of factors so get in touch to discuss details.

Looking after your cheeses at home: depending on the cheeses you make, you may need to prepare a brine solution, turn cheeses for a few hours once you get home after the Workshop, air-dry the cheeses for up to 3 days, or store cheeses at a set temperature for between 2 weeks to 6 months. We cover at-home care for your cheeses at the Workshop. 

Please note that induction cooktops are used in the workshops. If this will cause health issues for you, or if you have a pacemaker, please let us know.

Our commitment to you

The workshops are taught by Valley Cheesemakers, Kathy and Rosie. Our goal is to provide a supportive, interactive and social environment to help you get the most out of the day. We encourage questions, discussion and will share stories from our learnings over the years.

Next steps…

Contact us to let us know if you would like to host a Personalised Workshop, and we’ll respond with details to plan your day of cheesemaking.

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