Cheese making workshops

As Valley Cheesemakers we’re passionate about cheese and its creation. We’re inspired to share our knowledge with others who’re keen to learn about cheese making too. Maybe your interest comes from wanting to know what goes into your food, entering a Show or developing a new hobby.

Whatever your reason for exploring the world of cheese making, we’re here to support you. We host many workshops throughout the year and are open to adding more to the calendar if our published dates aren’t convenient for you.

We currently offer three types of workshop. These range from an introduction course for complete beginners to classes featuring more complex instruction for blue, hard and soft cheeses. Through our sessions you’ll learn how to make fetta, haloumi, ricotta, chevre, yoghurt, labneh, quark, mascarpone, sour cream, havarti, creamy blue vein, crottin, brie and camembert.

Our commitment to you

The workshops are taught by us – Kathy, Jan and Rosie. Our goal is to provide a supportive, interactive and social environment to help you get the most out of the day. We encourage questions, discussion and will share stories from our learnings over the years.

What you’ll receive

A day of discovery about the cheese creation process in the heart of beautiful Kangaroo Valley. Workshops run from 9am-4:00pm with a light lunch and morning and afternoon tea provided. We’ll share recipes and provide everything you need to have a safe and rewarding day (hairnets, gloves, milk, etc). Some of the workshop format is watching and listening but just as much will be having hands on experience of preparing your cheese from beginning to end by turning curds, straining whey and more. No experience is necessary. All you need is enthusiasm for cheese and a desire to learn.


Kangaroo Valley Show

The popular Cheese and Dairy Produce Section is a regular feature at the annual Kangaroo Valley Show. Join us each year to enter cheese or dairy products in the competition, attend live judging, see on-site demonstrations and admire a wonderful array of prize winning cheeses.

Show History

The Kangaroo Valley Show is an annual agricultural and horticultural event, held every February, hosted by the Kangaroo Valley Agricultural and Horticultural Association. The Association is run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers passionate about preserving the event’s heritage.

The first annual Show was held in 1886 on land near the river behind the Friendly Inn Hotel. In 1888, the Association secured a permanent show ground with the donation of ten acres of land by Alick Osborne. The Osborne family held vast tracts of land in the area and had a strong influence on the development of the Illawarra region. The donated land was named Osborne Park and has been the site of every annual Show since 1888.

The event features many favorite competitions. From wood chopping and hay stacking to jams and jellies, livestock, art and craft, cooking and side show alleys. There really is something for everyone. Surprisingly, despite the healthy milk production across Kangaroo Valley, the Show hadn’t ever featured a Cheese competition.

In 2017, the Valley Cheesemakers were proud to change that. Initial sponsorship for the change came from South Coast Dairy and the Kangaroo Valley Chamber of Tourism and Commerce. Together, they partnered with the Agricultural and Horticultural Association to introduce the inaugural Cheese and Dairy Produce section to the Show.

The amateur competition was a huge success, with many entries of a quality standard for renowned Australian cheese judge Carole Willman to sample. Winners take home a ‘Champion Dairy Product” trophy and a monetary prize and/or a Cup and monetary prize for ‘Most Successful Exhibitor”

The Show is one of only two agricultural and horticultural shows along the South Coast of New South Wales, between Sydney and Bega (over 300 kms!) to feature a Cheese and Dairy (covering butter and yogurt produce) competition.

The Valley Cheesemakers are determined to honor our local dairies by continuing to have representation of cheese and dairy products at the Show. We encourage everyone who attends our workshops to enter their cheeses in the Show. Not only are your hand-made cheeses going to be delicious, they could be prize winning too!

We look forward to seeing you there, unless you’d like to attend one of our Workshops before then to learn how to create your own entry!

Next Steps…

For more information about entering the Kangaroo Valley Show or to register interest in attending one of our workshops, please click the ‘contact us’ button on the right hand side of this page.

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