Our story

We are Kathy, Jan and Rosie. Three city gals who have found themselves living in a rural setting after lifetimes residing in far away places. Independently, we all chose the Kangaroo Valley area as the ideal place to explore a sea change, away from the bustle of city living.  What a satisfying choice that has been!

When time becomes available, people pursue all kinds of passions: jewellery design, learning to fly and body building to name a few, but our passions lay in more grass roots pursuits. Well, grassy roots that are eaten by animals, converted to milk and used for cheese that is.

In the past, we had each pursued the idea of creating our own cheese. We all love tasting cheese, cooking with cheese and learning new skills. We appreciate the peace of cows grazing in the paddocks and the marvel of being able to make something unique for our friends and family from nature. Kangaroo Valley and Berry have been famous for milk production for over 100 years, so before we even realised it, the stage for the Valley Cheesemakers to come together was set.

Each of us explored cheese creation prior to moving to these lush pastures and later we met socially. It was through a conversation at a dinner table in Kangaroo Valley that we discovered our joint passion for cheese. Like curds forming in whey, our separate dreams merged into one and the Valley Cheesemakers was born.

These days our dreams are reality. We spend many happy hours each week making cheese, tasting cheese, teaching others about cheese, researching cheese, experimenting with cheese and planning workshops. Join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook to stay up to date with our latest news.

Say it with cheese and Brie happy!

“Life is too short for fake cheese, butter or people.” - Bill Murray

The Valley Cheesemakers

“Life is too short for fake cheese, butter or people” – Bill Murray

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