Our vision

Our vision is to share our love of cheesemaking with others who want to learn this ancient craft. We run regular workshops in Kangaroo Valley and we give talks to community groups. We’ve successfully introduced a Cheese competition at the annual Kangaroo Valley Show, after 100 years of no dairy representation. We meet often to make cheese in our own kitchens, compare notes and learn from each other. Lately, we’ve branched into making wedding “cheesecakes” and producing eco-friendly waxed wraps in which to store our cheeses (and lunches).

As we look to the future, our passion for cheese creation inspires us to continue teaching others this rewarding, peaceful craft. Our goal for the next year is to purchase our own fiberglass cow to create a local landmark on the front lawn of the Kangaroo Valley Hall. Then the world will always know where to find us.

Kangaroo Valley Show

The popular Cheese and Dairy Produce Section is a regular feature at the annual Kangaroo Valley Show. Join us at this annual event where you can enter your cheese or dairy products, attend live judging, see on-site demonstrations, and admire a wonderful array of prize-winning cheeses. Entry is open only to amateur cheesemakers.

Cheesemaking workshops

Valley Cheesemakers are passionate about cheese. We’re inspired to share our knowledge with others who are keen to learn about cheesemaking too and we love to engage with participants at our Workshops. Learn more about the workshops we offer and how to book your place.

COVID-19 safe business

We are committed to keeping our community and workshop attendees safe and healthy and to provide a COVID-safe Workshop environment. Contact us to learn about the measures we have taken to provide a COVID-safe space for cheesemaking. 


World Record – Largest Cheese Tasting Event

On February 16, 2019, with the support of over 1,000 people, we set a new World Record for the World’s Largest Cheese Tasting Event during the Kangaroo Valley Show. Read the Guiness World Record announcement.

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